Sell your own brand

Are you a financial website owner, trading mentor, money manager or you have a large trading community. Then you might consider to start your own forex robot shop.

Our strategies can be white labeled and allows you to sell each strategy under your own name. So you never have to worry about clients bypassing you. No compliated affiliation links, but simply purchase for a set amount.

  • Plug and play
  • 100% exclusivity
  • Build your own affiliation network
  • No strings attached

Sell our brand

This partnership is the easiest way. Just refer a client and receive 40% of the fee.

How does it work

First you can start your own brand name. For example, if you blog is called then you can call the expert advisor forexinsight EA. This prevents visitors from googling and finding this EA on any other page. You are the sole reseller of this EA!

Each robot is sold with a maximum subscription of 12 months and each subscription has a set price or $10 monthly which you can mark up. So, in case you sell the robot for $400 per annum you get to keep $280. If your sales numbers are substantial we offer rebates on the user fees.

Before the subscription will expire you will receive a notification. By simply purchasing a new subscription we will enable the EA automatically in your users terminal. We use unique software for this. You have to do nothing else then collecting the payment.

The reason why we offer the EA in a subscription model is because we provide tips and tricks as well as updates and offer full support along the way.

Send an email to for an enquiry. We are happy to inform you.