Price Action EA

Price action strategyfull stealth mode

Price action trading is one of the most used trading strategy however means that you must be glued to your screen in order to be aware of rapid market moves. Wouldn’t it be great to automate this and spend your time on something else? We created one of the best algorithms that helps traders to automate price action trades. So instead of watching the markets all day, you can now set your robot and go to work, diner, or anything.

This is a 100% Price action strategy that uses the following features:

  • Take profit is hidden
  • Stop loss is hidden
  • Trailing stop is hidden
  • it uses specific time settings
  • Trade per lot size or a risk %
  • It only trades stop buy and stop sell orders
  • Trades in currency pairs, indices and gold and Crypto currencies

So what it does and how to use it:

Let’s take the EURUSD pair for example – you expect a strong price move after a news event at 15h your time. Just open your MT4 terminal and open the EA’s settings. Here you can preset exactly your trading. Things like Stop loss, take profit, lotsize, long/short, the exact time, price move and trailing stop, its all integrated in this EA. The only thing you have to determine is the direction of the price action.

This EA comes with a one on one session of how using it. You can test it for a whole month and pass us your feedback which we then implement in the source code. By default we use the demo server of our partner broker to not have any conflicts.

Contact us in case you have questions or simply sign up today!

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