Scalping EA

Scalping Strategylesser market exposure

This Expert advisor is a fully automated scalping strategy and aims for a steady profit factor of 3 or more. It makes high winning percentage entries and tries to minimize market exposure, since usually that increases the risk and cost. This forex scalping strategy uses a sophisticated algorithm that calculates the entry level and only enters the market when it’s retracing. So whenever you see a spike, there is no need to worry! For example, after a big news events this EA will not make any entries and therefore enables you to bypass the risk of building up large positions opposite of the trend.


Besides the risk management the entry rules are extremely important. You need to understand when this algorithm wants to trigger a trade. The Scalp strategy only enters trades when prices are retracing and never when markets are spiking. A massive risk reducer for those who tried automated strategies before. This EA has a volatilty filter which means that specific high volatile market events will be easily by-passed.

Manual trading

We developed this strategy with a traders focus in mind. Intervene at any time you like. In case you prefer to take a profit or loss manually, you will not disrupt the EA in any way. This allows you to always keep full control on the risk.


Some pairs have extremely high swaps. To prevent from paying swaps with positive results you can use this EA in positive swap territory only. We recommend to alway check with your broker how high the swap rates are, since they can differ a lot. In case the swap rates are too high, best to go along with the positive swap rates or simply pick another pair. In case you want to go long and short in a specific pair we can help you with the settings, since swaps basically mean that the longer your position is in the market, the more your profit will be affected by the swap rates.

Profit factor

The profit is considered as the most important indicator to see if the quality of a trade is good. It’s being calculated as follow: You add up all your winning trades and divide them by all your losing trades:

Profit Factor = (sum of earnings) / (sum of losses)

2 is considered to be a good profit factor. Profit Factor of 2 (making an average of €200 profit for every €100 loss)

Before you start with this strategy you can choose your preferred set files based on a real 10 year backtest where you can tweak the strategy to your risk appetite. It’s profit factor on demand. For example, if you opt for a desirable profit factor of 4, we provide you a real back test using settings that actually deliver that profit factor. Bear in mind its no guarantee, but it will definitely improve your chances. Be advised that the better the profit factor the less trades the EA triggers.

Pairs and time frames

This epert advisor basically trades any pair where we have a slight favor for the majors. Most pairs have specific settings. For example, the gbpusd pair is usually more volatile than the eurusd pair.

The preferred timeframe is M15 although this EA runs well on M5, M30, H1 time frames as well. For those traders that want quality over quantity and aim for big winners, the H1 time frame is the way to go.


Many robot traders know the unfortunate events where accounts are blown up due to high volatility / news events. Firstly this EA does not enter trades on spikes. However, we felt the need to allow users to simply pause the EA if markets are trending strongly. So we build a volatility filter which you can adjust yourself. After enabling the EA will pause trading for a number of days so that volatile markets can settle down a bit. Besides using this filter we highly recommend to switch off the EA before extreme news events (such as Brexit) and to not trade at all from 15th of december till 20th of January each year.

Risk management

For most automated traders the risk management is the most important feature for a robot. But this is not the case. Most robot traders that still lose money either use a bad robot or they forgot to monitor it. Always keep in mind that the first objective of using robots is to save time and be more consistent. But this does not reframe you from monitoring. Robots cannot read newspapers and therefore its is strongly recommended to always know what goes on in your trading account.

This scalping strategy comes with a full package of risk decreasing settings however you need to constantly monitor your expert advisor.

Back tests

We back tested this strategy under the following tick data circumstances:

  • real tick data
  • variable spreads
  • slippage enabled
  • 10 years period

please note that any back test not based on 99.9% tick data is useless.

How to get started

After your purchased your subscription you can send us your MT4 account number and server name.

After the payment is processed we will send you the EA file including set files.

This robot comes with the following features and is fully customizable. Users can opt for set files based on 10 year backtesting.


  • stop loss settings
  • take profit settings
  • scalp mode
  • long / short settings
  • lot size
  • accumulated profit taking
  • multiple time frames
  • multiple pairs
  • set files
  • volatility filter

Live performance

Below you will find the live track records of the Scalping Strategy