The best performing premium forex robots

Advantages of Forex Trading Algorithms

The days for manual trading are over. A forex trading algorithm saves time, is consistent and makes money for you. All professional traders use trading algorithms, so why don't you?

Adjust risk settings

Each robot comes with a full risk settings package.

Trade multiple strategies

Build your portfolio and trade multiple strategies.

Maximum security

All data is well secured using encrypted data protection.

Live results

All strategies are trading on live accounts.

VPS support

Our friendly support will help you via a remote teamviewer session with your VPS installation.

Constant monitoring

Does the algorithm not function anymore? Be notified instantly.

Keep control

Stop or pause at any time you like.

Trade 24/5

Put your money at work 24 hours per day and create a passive income.

About Us

As experienced forex and futures traders from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we fell in love with automated trading and started to create our first trading algorithms back in 2006.

Now in 2020 we can proudly say that we created and perfected some premium automated trading strategies that helped traders and money managers across the world. Our team is constantly improving each strategy and monitors them 24/5 so that our clients can really experience the perks of automated trading with a minimum effort. The fact that we are 100% aligned with our clients as well as broker agnostic makes us the perfect partner to enhance your trading.

How to get started

In just a few steps you can install your own robot into your mt4 trading platform.

Purchase a license

Choose your plan or test it first for a month.

Install the robot

Install your MT4 terminal on a VPS and install the Forex trading algorithm. Our support will help.

Start trading

Now you are all set to start trading. Pause or stop at any time.

How it works

After you purchased a license, we will send you the EA file including set files. The license is for one account.

Install the EA on your platform (VPS) and enable autotrading. You can turn the EA on or off at any given time. You keep full control. Your license comes with full support and alert, tips, tricks and the latest updates.


What is interesting is that I could order a bot that fits to my needs. Profit factor is very near to what I wished for. Thanks Ramon for your great support.

Sean Mcleod

Amateur trader

I am an experienced user of expert advisors and always ran into trouble with the VPS provider. Using this trade copier I can follow any algorithm without a VPS.

Rudy Hoffman


Great features and easy customisable. I am trading 2 strategies for some monhts now and the results are amazing.

Juan Salasar


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We’d love to talk about algorithmic trading and will reply as soon as possible